Derek Batty
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You can see from this page that I love strong contrast and bright colour.  I am interested in creating  figurative images moving from sculpture through to painting and photography.


I studied fine art at Edinburgh and  moved to Cambridge to develop portrait and figure sculpture such as Classical Figures for the Downing Street Hotel and portrait of Professor Muriel Bradbrook for Girton College.


Something that is glimpsed, not quite seen, elusive, melancholic or metaphysical is a continuing aim - a fleeting moment of observation or something remembered with bold contrasts of light and dark.   Think of bright sunlight and deep dark shadows.  


I have founded a school of drawing in Cambridge which enables access to models and a continuous development of artistic skills and ideas.   More information in Cambridge Drawing.


My main exhibition focus at the moment is on the annual Open Studio event in July, each year presenting a selection of work for public view.




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